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About us

A reality in the Communication of the marketing market, a service for professionals but also for those who have little experience, Mondocarta has the goal of meeting the needs of a broad segment of the market. Flexibility, professionalism and punctuality are the qualities that our customers appreciate us.

The goal is to be number one, to position ourselves as a leader in a market in which those who offer more and more types of related services and in any case to the press, graphics, and the impact of advertising in general, are a priority for agency advertising such as ours.

The service offering Mondocarta born from the first meeting with the client and grows until you get to create a winning impact. corporate identity, advertising campaigns, organization of events, are just some of the services we offer to all our customers. Starting from large organizations such as multinational companies to private .... simple as a copy to endless ... we set ourselves no limits.

A support base, a landmark, a service for everyone, professionals, experts, and inexperienced. Our work allows anyone to use our services. By submitting your file we ligation and print it for you that you will receive your jobs directly to your home, office or business. technologically advanced machines allow us to minimize unnecessary costs, an important advantage for the end user. Many types of works; from business card to the poster, the flyer at the prestigious catalog going from photo books up to the printing on PVC or rigid materials, for each job, even the most simple, the right value is given. The precious twenty years of experience in this area is a guarantee of quality to all of Mondocarta customers. Another strong point of Mondocarta regards the numerous proposals for the business gift and / or promotional gadgets. Armed with a variety of items ranging from electronic world (mobile phone accessories and tablet) and technology, briefcases and notebooks, writing instruments, travel bags and items, beverage, outdoor, umbrellas, tools and flashlights , health and safety, home and living, all fully customizable with the customer's logo. All products that have value in the moment in which convey the corporate brand both for the utility of the object itself but also for the enormous media and advertising impact which involve. No more words to explain what we do, we leave you a chance to judge our work putting us to the test ... Mondocarta your advertising agency ... your print server.